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Student Welfare


Student Welfare

International Students are made very welcome at ESBM and in Leicester.

Student welfare is a top priority at ESBM. The Administration officer and management at ESBM are accessible to the students throughout the period of their study and can be approached for any assistance that may be required. This includes assistance on any academic, social or personal issues faced by the students. ESBM has a detailed protocol of Safeguarding for adults and the U18’s which can be located in the ‘Policies section’ of the website.

The Administration officer, the Managing Director, or any of the management team can be contacted personally, on the office number 0116 426 6607 or by email at

The ESBM 24-hour emergency number is 07703047821

Opening of Bank Account (Reference)

  • Overseas students may need to have a Bank Account in the UK to meet their financial needs & transactions. The College will provide relevant documents to facilitate the students in opening the bank account.

  • There are a number of banks to choose from for opening a bank account. Including Alliance & Leicester, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, Halifax, NatWest, and HSBC etc.

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