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East Midlands School of Business and Management (ESBM)
was founded in 2009 and has grown over the years into an
independent education provider operating in the heart of
Leicester, which is located in the centre of England and is one of
the UK’s most culturally diverse cities. We specialise in
providing business and management courses to our UK and
international students, as well as a wide range of English
language courses for students of different ages and levels of

At ESBM we welcome students from all over the world aged 16+. We aim
to encourage their development as individuals while helping
them to secure their academic and career pathways.
ESBM provides direct entry foundation courses as a pathway to
a choice of UK universities subject to meeting entry


Our Mission

Our mission and aim is to ensure that all our students receive every encouragement and assistance to reach their full potential. We will
achieve this by
- Recruiting qualified and experienced teaching staff to
deliver quality courses.

- Dealing with staff and students in an ethical, fair and professional
- Understanding students’ needs and providing appropriate
and relevant staff training.
- Encourage feedback from staff and students to create an environment
of continuous academic quality improvement.
- Provide a happy and positive environment where staff and students
can thrive.

ESBM is an independent college based in Guildhall Lane close to the King Richard III Museum, in the heart of Leicester. Our facilities are modern and have a lift for disabled access. We have experienced staff and excellent relationships with our awarding bodies. We provide a variety of academic courses and professional programmes for students over
the age of sixteen.


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