English Courses


English Courses

ESBM General English courses focus on the four main language skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking.


General English

10 hours, 15 hours and 20 hours per week

ESBM General English courses focus on the four main language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking – with additional work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Our courses improve our student’s English language skills in all areas. We use modern interactive teaching methods, as part of a syllabus that is regularly reviewed to keep our lessons as practical and relevant as possible. We use diagnostic progress tests for all students every week, enabling our teachers to identify which parts of our student’s English language use needs extra help; and monthly tutorials for all long stay-students. The General English 15-hour courses are usually in the morning but can be in the afternoon. Our General English 20-hour courses run in the morning and afternoon but can be adapted. It is possible to take these courses for any duration, from as little as one week to a year or more.  Most students study for several weeks, but others stay for several months and we a have significant number who are with us for very much longer. The course depends upon students’ needs, their English language level and available time.

Intensive English 30 hours+

Like the General English courses, the ESBM Intensive English course concentrates on the four main language skills reading, writing, listening and speaking with additional work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Students take lessons in both the morning and the afternoon. Students at B2 level or above have the opportunity to join our fluency course in the afternoons, where the focus is on listening and speaking. The fluency classes are usually small, and the students are able to make significant progress in their conversation skills.

In addition :-

Professional English

Whether your specialty is medical, nursing, law, engineering, business, the travel industry etc. - over the years ESBM have supplied English language courses for people from all walks of life with many different needs and requirements. Here at ESBM in Leicester we can draw on a quality supply of top-class teachers with skills in every area, and we can match the English language needs of nearly all students, whatever their profession and requirements.


ESBM provides one-to-one lessons in General English and a range of specialisms, including business English, IELTS, academic writing and translation or professional speaking. Our one-to-one tutors include academics, experienced business professionals, Cambridge and IELTS examiners and linguists. You can take one-to-one lessons as an add-on to your group lessons or as a separate bespoke course.

Bespoke Courses

Diplomats, government officials, doctors, engineers, teachers, retirees, news presenters, musicians, you name it - all can follow bespoke courses at ESBM. In Leicester, we can provide almost any course our students require - all you need to do is ask!

English for Academic Purposes (Pre-sessional courses)

ESBM has direct pathways into UK universities who accept our EAP pre-sessional courses as proof of our students achieving the necessary successful international English language standard.


The entry requirements for our pre-sessional English courses at ESBM are based on your most recent IELTS result (or equivalent), and the English language requirements for the degree course you plan on studying in University.

Our class size is limited to 12 students maximum per class.

We accept Academic IELTS, IELTS for UKVI (General Training) and CEFR results from applicants to our pre-sessional courses. Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) results may be acceptable for our admissions purposes. If you do not have any of the standard test results you can still apply for our General English programmes.

​Our programmes begin at B1 level and allow for successful transition into under-graduate or post-graduate study. At ESBM we pride ourselves on the high level of successful entry by our students into tertiary education - this is our specialty through which we have established our well-deserved reputation and we have long term, established relationships with a variety of the best UK universities.


Our IELTS courses are popular, successful and run throughout the year, always in the mornings and sometimes, when needed, in the afternoons. We have experienced IELTS instructors who place a clear focus on the exam itself, they set out to familiarise students with the examination format, and include substantial skills development in academic reading, listening, writing and speaking. Practice tests are taken frequently and papers evaluated by previous IELTS examiners. We also help students to book the exam. The IELTS courses usually run through the week Monday to Friday but can be scheduled around student requirements if needed.

All course books are provided by ESBM as part of the course fee package.

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