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ESBM Proficiency Test Preparation

IELTS Certification

IELTS is the most popular English proficiency test, with over 3 million exams being taken globally per year.

IELTS Test Preparation

IELTS is the most popular English language proficiency test with over 3 million exams being taken globally per year.

ESBM IELTS Preparation

ESBM IELTS preparation courses will help you improve your English language levels:  

  • We aim to improve your IELTS score by a band 0.5 in 6 weeks or a 1.0 band over 10 weeks.

  • Our IELTS lessons focus on 4 skills learning/ test practice and exam strategies which will including a mock exam with feedback from current and past IELTS examiners

  • All our IELTS courses are delivered by experienced IELTS instructors and in some cases previous IELTS examiners.

  • We also offer one to one tailored course available for specific IELTS areas of improvement.

Benefits of joining ESBM IELTS test preparation courses

  • Maximum 15 students in each class

  • Friendly, welcoming and professional learning environment

  • Courses can be designed to suit individual student needs

  • Specialist IELTS preparation by experienced instructors for exam purposes

  • Enthusiastic, qualified and experienced teachers

  • Modern facility located in the centre of Leicester’s cultural quarter

Courses can be designed for individual needs depending on level, purpose and time available.

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