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Software Engineering Instructor/Technical Mentor

ESBM, is a foundational school that helps its students to succeed in future.

LaunchFar @ ESBM is a program for foundational level students in software engineering/ programming/ development. In three months, we transform foundational year students in Computing pathway to coding professionals.

Job Description

We are looking for a Technical Mentor to train our students in the Engineering-Computing-Science pathway in JavaScript fundamentals and engineering best practices. This Technical Mentor would lead on-site instruction for the ESBM program. 

Technical Mentors are primarily responsible for ensuring students are technically prepared for a successful job search and career in the software industry. Technical Mentors are student-facing members of the team, building culture, coaching success behaviors, and talking code. The Technical Mentor works closely with a classroom of students across the entire length of the program and, in collaboration with other team members, is responsible for the education and employability of the student as well as the strength of the cohort community.


The Tech Mentor watches over their class of students and ensures on a day-to-day basis that everyone is learning rapidly and is on track for success. When a student gets a job after the program, such core teaching staff are those they thank with the deepest emotion.


  • Ensure students are technically prepared for success in their job search and on the job. 

  • Deliver technical coaching and support to students, developing their coding skills and understanding of and ability to effectively communicate about difficult technical concepts.

  • Intentionally push students to become increasingly autonomous engineers; support them in reading & accurately interpreting documentation and error messages, improve their debugging skills, and become courageous coders.

  • Provide expert technical and project management guidance to small groups of students building exciting projects using cutting-edge technologies.

  • Accurately and proactively evaluate, track & communicate student technical progress. This includes grading students’ work, delivering feedback, and modeling successful behavior.

  • Build and execute effective individual student remediation plans to ensure that all of our students become successful software engineers.

  • Identify and respond to cohort-wide remediation needs, crafting supplemental lectures & lesson plans addressing cohort-specific needs.

  • Contribute to curriculum initiatives that address popular technologies.

  • Contribute to local evangelism and enrollment initiatives, such as attendance at meetups, speaking at conferences, leading workshops, etc.

  • Serve as a technical partner while collaborating with all other departments that ensure job search success.


  • Bachelor's degree (any) + 3 years work in Computer Programming; or,

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science;

Experience and Skills

  • Experience with Javascript knowledge, related emerging technologies, and relevant development tools

  • Experience with industry-standard software development practices and methodologies like Agile, Scrum and Kanban

  • Skilled at teaching in an immersive remote learning environment

  • Skilled and engaging facilitator/lecturer

  • Ability to analyze and model student progress and remove educational roadblocks

  • Possesses a strong growth mindset: seeks feedback, admits to and learns from failure, autonomously learns and grows while seeking appropriate support from coworkers and manager

  • Motivated by and derives satisfaction from high-ownership work environments and has a passion for education

  • Aligned with our overall instructional philosophies

  • Highly autonomous, conscientious, reliable, self-motivated and solution-oriented

  • Strong collaboration skills, high self-awareness, flexible, open-minded and positive

  • Empathetic and charismatic

  • Technical Mentors with our Full-Time programs generally work weekdays but must be able to work occasional evenings/Saturdays

  • Ability to clear required background check

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